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Quickli delivers 20+ lender calculators into one, easy-to-use interface delivering accurate results and relevant policy insights for even the most complex scenarios. During this presentation, Eric Dill, Co-Founder and Director at Quickli covers:

  • Getting Started
  • Lender Policy Insights
  • Traffic Light System
  • Removing the guess work
  • The special Quickli deal for Buyers Choice members


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Reverse Mortgages are growing in popularity with older Australians and are part of every retirement planners toolkit, but the details of this product remains a mystery to many. A Reverse Mortgage allows a qualifying client to borrow money using the equity in their home as security. The product allows a client to access equity for cashflow and stay in their home. They don’t have to make repayments while living there. Since 2012, Reverse Mortgages have included negative equity protection. This means the clients can’t end up owing the lender more than their home is worth. Ambreen Sumar, a Reverse Mortgage specialist shares:

  • What is a Reverse Mortgage
  • Reverse Mortgage purposes
  • How does it work?
  • Types of Reverse Mortgages
  • Loan structure and access options
  • Sources of leads
  • Case studies
  • Referral opportunity

Sherlok is an amazing innovation that makes the broker look awesome and saves their clients thousands using safe and secure technology.

Sherlok is Australia’s first automated refinancing and repricing tool, built by brokers for brokers. 

The Sherlok AI-engine monitors your clients’ existing home loan rates, automatically reprices the rate with their current lender, detects quality refinancing opportunities, and delivers those leads straight to your inbox.

Have you said these words?

‘I’m working 60 hours a week and am exhausted, it can’t go on.’

‘I just lost a whole day on data entry, apply online and preparing compliance documents.’

‘I need to find time to make my anniversary calls and see my referrers.’

If this sounds like you, then a loan processing service may be the solution. A number of Buyers Choice members have been able to increase their business efficiency by using our loan processing service.

Our loan processing service provides members with a low cost solution to free up time and increase efficiency.

This presentation will show you how to assist clients experiencing hardship so as to minimise the negative impact for both your customer and for you.

Credit Mediation Services Director Laurence Hugo will walk through what the legislation outlines, then how the banks define and apply the legislation differently, then how the consumer can navigate and shortcut through banks conditions. He also discusses how you can assist clients where the law does not apply and what outcomes are available to avoided Delinquency and Credit Defaults.  

Cyber security is a fast growing threat to all businesses and is a significant risk for businesses which hold private and sensitive information. William shares his thoughts on the cyber security landscape and discusses how we all can be cyber security aware and protected. Here’s what you’ll learn about:

  • The cyber security landscape
  • What is cyber security?
  • Password security and multi factor authentication (MFA)
  • Phishing (what is it and types of phishing)
  • Domain names and SSL exercise (what to look out for)
  • Protecting yourself

Partnering with Movinghub, Buyers Choice Assist provides a free personal concierge home moving service to connect utilities and home services such as Gas, Electricity, broadband, pay TV and more – seamless and stress free. This webinar gives an overview of all the services now available. Sam Turner, BDM and Account Manager from Movinghub covers:

  • Who are Movinghub and what does a Movologist do?
  • How to build an additional revenue stream from referrals
  • Features & functions of the Movinghub Partner App – referrals on the go
  • Creating your own microsite to manage leads and commission
  • Bill Review Service, assisting clients NOT moving

Eilis O’Callaghan takes us through the PLAN commission system’s features and reporting options for brokers and their business.

Tracking your commission not only ensures you are being paid for the work you have completed. It gives you an idea of how much money you are bringing in and where you may have further opportunity or possibly be losing clients. It can also help shape your goals and help you make the next steps needed for growth.

It can be easy to do nothing and expect that the banks’ systems to pay commissions work every time, this unfortunately, is not the case and particularly over the past few months we have identified lenders missing or making errors in their commission payments.

The PLAN Commission system provides a number of features and reports which can be used to help you manage this important aspect of your business.

Learn the ins and outs of deposit bonds in this engaging live webinar designed for Buyers Choice Mortgage Brokers and their support staff.

Join Etienne Rizzo, ‘deposit bond expert’ from Deposit Assure shares practical tips and real life examples of how deposit bonds can add value for your clients and your business.

Etienne shows you how to refer your next ‘finance’ backed deposit bonds in under a minute, saving you the time to focus on higher value business activities.

John Evangelista (Senior Manager, Regulatory Change and Governance at NAB) and Brett Mansfield (Buyers Choice Licencing Responsible Manager) discuss what BID and the ASIC Regulatory Guidance (RG273) mean for brokers and their business.

John Evangelista is Senior Manager, Regulatory Change and Governance at NAB. John is responsible for regulatory change relating to the NAB aggregation businesses. He’s been actively involved with ASIC during the development of RG273.

With RG273, ASIC has advised what they look for when they assess compliance with the best interests obligations. John and Brett will discuss the key points and what you can do to minimise the risk of non-compliance within your business.

Learn about the many benefits Brokerpedia can deliver to your business.

Buyers Choice is providing a subscription to Brokerpedia for all members, access is via their App or website.

Brokerpedia is an excellent lender policy research service that delivers access to information at the office or whilst out and about.

Established in 2001, the Buyers Choice Broker Network is an award-winning national boutique aggregator. We empower brokers to build a better business and match borrowers with the right loan solution to empower them to build a better life.

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