Ankita Malik

Ankita Malik

Tell me a bit about your professional background / career thus far – qualifications, positions, experience etc.
I have 13+ years of experience in financial services and banking. I hold a bachelors in computer science & engineering and qualified as a mortgage broker.

How long have you been working in finance?
More than 10 + years in IT finance

What are your strengths?
I think my greatest strength is problem solving. I have the ability to see a situation from different perspectives and I can get my work done even in the face of difficult obstacles, which is very useful as a mortgage broker. I am a great communicator and great in maintaining relationships.

What do you love most about your job, or what do you anticipate that you’ll enjoy the most?
I love delivering new features of a product whether it be a home loan, credit card or personal banking which enhances customer’s experiences. I enjoy talking to people and accomplishing their dreams.

Which area/s of finance do you specialise in?
Residential and asset finance.

Outside of work, how do you like to spend your time? What are a few of your hobbies / interests / passions?
I usually involve myself in any sport activity like badminton or spend time with my family and friends.

Any other interesting facts we should know about you?
I am a big fan of traveling and have been to over 15 countries. Some highlights include Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Tower of Pisa, Attica, Colosseum.

What are some key landmarks near to your business / in the local area?
Frangos Charcoal Chicken is a must try near my office. And few more restaurants worth giving a visit.


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