Paul Katranis 2023

Paul Katranis

Paul Katranis is the Principal Adviser and Director of SA Wealth Management. Paul and his team specialise in all forms of finance and financial services, adopting a multi-disciplined approach to deliver the best experience for their customers. Paul loves helping clients and staff accomplish incredible feats and reach their potential, getting the most out of their endeavors.

Paul has been in the finance industry since 2004, having held roles from Teller to Finance Broker, and is currently the Director of four business units. He is a multitalented and highly accomplished finance specialist with a vast understanding and knowledge of the industry. He holds several degrees including, but not limited to, A Diploma in Finance Broking, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Applied Finance and is a Fellow Chartered Financial Planner Practitioner.

In his spare time, Paul loves spending quality time with his young family and staying active and healthy. He has competed in amateur bodybuilding competitions in the past.


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145 South Terrace, Adelaide SA, Australia
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