Loan Repayment Calculator

Looking for a home loan?
Or perhaps you’re thinking of refinancing your mortgage?
Get an idea of how much your repayments may be with our easy to use loan repayment calculator.

How to use the Loan Repayment Calculator

The loan repayment calculator helps you work out what your regular repayments will be based on your loan amount.

Complete the fields on the calculator. You can set the repayment frequency to monthly, fortnightly or weekly.

The calculator will then calculate both the Principal and Interest repayment for the loan term.

The loan repayment calculator will include ongoing fees in its calculations. However, it doesn’t take any possible upfront or end of loan fees into account. Click on the ‘Assumptions’ tab for more information on how the repayments are calculated.

Our friendly, professional mortgage brokers can help you find a home loan that’s the right fit for your circumstances.

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