Eilis O’Callaghan

Eilis O’Callaghan

National Business Development Manager

What does your role involve?

Our brokers are mainly new to industry. My role is to assist our brokers to leverage all of the systems, services and support available to grow and build successful businesses.

What do you love about working at Buyers Choice?

The people. We have a great internal team at Buyers Choice and I enjoy working one-on-one with all of our members.

Why did you join the mortgage and finance industry?

I fell into it. I’d returned to Adelaide after living overseas for two years and it was the only full-time employment I could get.

What might people not know about you?

  • Not good with heights…but ok with planes and flying
  • Irrational fear of cockroaches (the large flying kind)

What are your hobbies/interests?

Travelling, music festivals, heading to the beach.

What are your top three tips for mortgage brokers?

  • Love what you do and let people know it!
  • Get out there and talk with people – you never know where an opportunity may be
  • Be aware of and adhere to your compliance obligations, it’s not worth risking your livelihood