Sarah Keens

Brand Manager

What does your role involve?

I plan, create and implement marketing strategies and initiatives designed to build brand growth; increase its value and ultimately increase business. Part of my role is to support our brokers with guidance and advice in developing their own marketing materials and strategies to help them foster long-term customer loyalty. I also oversee marketing materials and uphold brand consistency, messaging and standards.

Why did you join the mortgage and finance industry?

As a first home buyer, I became fascinated by the industry and I jumped at the opportunity to work with a highly-skilled and talented team that made me feel part of the family.

What might people not know about you?

Deep down I’m actually a country-bumpkin!

What are your hobbies/interests?

The great outdoors, performing arts, CrossFit, DIY projects…the list goes on!

What are your top three tips for mortgage brokers?

  • Don’t try and sound fancy with impressive broker lingo. Keep your selling points short and simple!
  • Drawing on real stories is a great way to reinforce the message you want to get across to your clients. Arm yourself with examples.
  • Always listen and be relatable; ask yourself, ‘what can I do to make my client’s life easier?’ and follow through by going above and beyond their expectations. You’ll aways get referrals if your client leaves feeling satisfied and valued.

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