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When used effectively social media can help you build awareness for your business, and attract and convert leads into clients. On this page you’ll find documents, guides, videos and tutorials to help you master LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

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Amplifi – Take Your Social Media to the Next Level

Introducing an exciting new social media service that is now available for all Buyers Choice Aggregation and Loans Actually members… Amplifi! Amplifi is an exclusive Buyers Choice Aggregation subscription service designed to elevate your social media marketing and take your content strategy to the next level.When you subscribe to Amplifi, you can rest assured that high-quality and engaging content is regularly posted to your social media pages.Please click here to view the presentation and learn more about what this service offers (price, post type, schedule and more). Alternatively, you can click here to view the recording of the presentation.If you would like to sign up to Amplifi or have any questions, please email

Social Media Content Library

Please click the links below to view a library of Buyers Choice branded social media content that you may choose to post onto your social media pages. Instructions are provided in the caption library document via the link below.




Facebook banner and profile images

Facebook documents

Facebook webinars and video tutorials


Video tutorials

How to set up Apple Business Connect

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